Vertical Transportation Solution

This system features a pallet that is lifted after the car is loaded on to it, after which additional parking can be made available in the space below the loaded pallet. Both indoor and outdoor installations are possible.

Installations can be done on flat areas with no additional architectural work. These systems come with hydraulic operation. These lifts are usually installed in valet parking systems, malls or villas.

Special functions
for the handicapped
fulfill equal carrying
in a harmonious space

Characteristics of the System

  • Saves Land area and take full use of the current space to raise the number of parking cars.
  • The structure is simple, united and easy for operation
  • Suitable for Car Models - Sedan for all levels & SUV for only ground level.
  • Adapted Places: Apartments, yards & lower height of basements, IT parks, Hotels. It can be used both indoor & outdoor

hese are meant for parking two passenger cars one over the other and are standard units for accommodating two cars in the space of one. These can be installed in a series one besides another.


Technical Specification

Product Description - 2 Pole Hydraulic Car Stacker (1+1)

Size can be customised as per requirements all dimensions are in mm

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