Vertical Transportation Solution

DYNA freight elevators come with a powerful hoisting machine and ensure durability to cope with rough treatment while having a smooth ride to handle fragile loads, levelling accuracy for easy loading and unloading of material and with doors that maximize in-car space.

Freight elevators are typically larger and capable of carrying heavier loads generally from 500 to 5000 kgs

Elevate Your Efficiency of

Material-Handling Tasks

Special functions
for the handicapped
fulfill equal carrying
in a harmonious space

It purifies the power grid environment

It improves the machine room temperature

Above 30% of energy-saving

Special Features

  • Goods Lifts are an amalgamation of cranes and lift technology.
  • Cabins doors are covered with a chequered plate.
  • The equipment is on a fabricated frame.
  • Doors are either Manual or Automatic as per the client's requirement.
  • If any door is open, the Lift will not operate.
  • Cabin height not less than 2100mm.
  • All door doors are fitted with limit switches
  • In case of a mishap, If one rope fails another rope holds the cabin from free failing.


Hoistway Elevation Plan

Hoistway Elevation Drawing

Goods Elevator

Size can be customised as per requirements all dimensions are in mm

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